I am a woman who appreciates the value of tools. I’m fairly certain that my father helped to instill that appreciation. And I feel like Tim the Tool Man Taylor…it’s Tool Time for Kathleen. Here’s my new baby, the SR Series from Foredom. This one even has a reversible speed! Whooo Whooo….or maybe I should try that famous grunt from the TV show? Any way you look at it, I am the proud owner of a beautiful new power tool that will give me years of service.

The Foredom is a Flex Shaft Power Tool that has a variety of attachments. This one is on special through the month of October from our local supplier, Naja Tools. It has a nice tool kit of attachments included too. Bonus! Lexi just happened to be in their shop and saw this gem, called me, and the next thing you know, this bad boy is in my arsenal of prized tools! I had a dremel and that does the job, but when you need more power (insert grunt here), well, the Foredom delivers.
I will use this for polishing, buffing, bringing pieces up to a high polish, drilling, and I’m sure to discover more uses too. I’m terribly excited about this new addition.
For all the dog lovers out there, as I was assembling this at my bench tonight, all three bassets were present and supervising. Newton was directly underfoot and made it quite challenging at times. What would I do without basset supervision? 🙂
Continuing to aspire to be more as an artist and a person!