Angel Wings

I was doodling this week and this design evolved from those doodles.  I wanted to add a little extra interest so I added tear drops.  The materials used were brass for the wings and copper for the tear drops.  I added a couple of different textures; a piece of fabric created the texture on the wings and the copper tear drops have imprints from one of the flagstones next to the house.  I really like experimenting with textures and thought it would be fun to combine a couple of different textures in the same piece.  I felt it was important that the textures didn’t ‘fight‘ with each other, that is, that they were complimentary rather than two drastic opposites.  I’m happy with how these two metals, with their own textures have blended to create these earrings.

I also experimented with patinas to create the coloration on the metals.  As Lexi has told me, she often goes back and keeps working with the patina of a piece.  I think I will do that here too.  I knew this would happen, but I find it interesting how the patina on the brass is so different from the patina on the copper.  Each metal takes on color differently and with the mixed textures, I’m fairly certain that influences how the patina appears too.

As a final step, I used my dapping block to form a delicate curve on the brass pieces.  This way the wings sort of bow with slight arch.  I like the look.

One of the things I wanted to do with these was work out another design to help me get ready to set glass in earrings.  Size, shape, heaviness all play a role in how I will eventually create earrings from my glass pieces.  These were fun to make and I believe I’ll continue to work on variations of this theme.

Remember, continue to aspire to be more as an artist and a person.  Til the next time, happy creating all.