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The take away here is “make“. I make art! This is so profound. No matter your age, where you currently are in this life journey, you too can make what you choose. It is a choice. Just “make“.

My friend, Will Weyer, is one of the creative forces behind “Where Design Comes From” (WDCF). He published this about a week ago and my immediate response was “YES”! Will is a designer with incredible talent. Follow him through any of the links I provided at the beginning of this paragraph. Stay motivated by his posts and maybe a few of mine too.

Here’s an interesting side note. Three years ago, five basset hound puppies were born. I was guided and blessed to be entrusted with one of those precious pups. All of them have brought remarkable people into my circle of friends. Another puppy from this litter brought Betsy and Will into my life. I am so grateful. You never know how some choices will have such a profound affect on your life. Look for the connections; they are there.

What Is “Why Do you Do What You Do?” All About?

It started  with a kid doing a school assignment: To interview someone from a community service agency. He looked in the Yellow Pages, dialed a number, and asked the person on the other end ” Why do you do what you do?”… and the receiver felt compelled to answer…. and it grew into this beautiful, interesting, amazing movement.  Read the full story here.

If you enjoyed this, please take a moment to see what my fellow bloggers shared on this topic and be inspired!

Until next time, I continue to aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Kathleen Krucoff

Artist and Metalsmith

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