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IMG_5333 copy
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

When I first started metalwork, Lexi told me that I would find my color pallet and that would come from my stone choices.  On my first shopping adventure with her at the Denver Gem & Mineral Show, a few of my first stone selections were these beautiful dendritic opals.  At the time, I didn’t understand why I was drawn to this stone type, nor why the black and white contrast was so appealing to me.  However, I am starting to understand that it’s the tree shapes that those black dendrites form in the stone….that’s what calls to me….that’s what entices me to create pieces with natural lines….that’s what makes a statement of ‘simple, yet elegant’.

How beautiful is this stone?  It reminds me of a winter scene, as most of these do.  Since we just experienced a fresh snow Wednesday night and throughout the day on Thursday, it seemed that Fresh was the perfect title for this piece.

Another piece that has recently been added to my Treescape collection.  Set in Sterling silver and oxidized to set the backdrop for a true work of art, the dendritic opal stone, created in nature.  If it calls to you as it did to me, let me know.  It’s available to find its new home.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person


Mountain De Fuego
Mountainesque Series
Photo Credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

Fuego, the Spanish word for Fire. This Sonoran Sunrise looked so fiery to me; it was as if the mountain in this stone was on fire. Sure, I considered Fire Mountain as its title, but that just didn’t do the piece justice in my mind. I liked the sound of Mountain De Fuego.

The stone is another one of those beauties from Gary B. Wilson.  It’s hard to miss the quality of Gary’s work.  As a matter of fact, I added more of his work to my inventory in the past week.  I’ve got some great ideas for the latest batch of stones.

Mountain De Fuego continues with the theme of the Mountainesque Series, where mountain shapes are carried into the setting.  It’s a big, bold piece with a lot of silver.  Yes, silver is continuing to rise in price.  Who really knows how high the price of silver will go and when it will seek its level like water.  One thing is for certain, something has to give.

I love using silver in my pieces. I’ve started to work some with copper and silver combinations and I do find the blending of the two to be quite attractive. Yet, I think you will find that I will continue to work with silver as I have.  At least that is my hope.

An added bonus with today’s post is Mountain De Fuego is being featured on Facebook by Kim Hatzold of Untamed Spirit Studios.  This is the second time Kim has given a shout out about my work.  She writes some great articles about stones, how people use them and more.  Consider becoming a fan of Untamed Spirit Studios, I am!  And check out more of Kim’s work on her website too.

Time to head back to the studio.  Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Binary Sunshine
Tribute to Pandora Series
Photograph by Daniel Krucoff

Available ~ $90 + shipping

Some of you know how taken I am with the James Cameron movie, Avatar.  The artwork and technology behind the movie has fascinated me.  As a result, I felt it’s only natural that I have a new series of Art Jewelry, that I am calling my Tribute to Pandora Series.  How appropriate is it that the first in this series is called Binary Sunshine….now there is a mix of technology and nature for you!

These earrings are made of Sterling Silver with 24kt gold Keum Boo.  The design created by the Keum Boo represents one of the plants on Pandora that are known as Binary Sunshine.  I textured the sterling using a couple of different hammers to create the effect I wanted.  Once the metal was prepared, I fused the Keum Boo to the surface and then added a light oxidation to emphasize the gold and the texture of the sterling.  The ear wires are made of silver.  They are approximately 1 3/4″ long x 1/2″ wide.  I have several other earring designs in this new series, but I thought I would unveil the series with this pair.

I hope you like them and that they remind you just a bit of the beauty one can find in that mythical planet, Pandora.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Kathleen Krucoff

Artist and Metalsmith

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