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Cannon Beach

I have just returned from one of the best vacations that Dan & I have shared together. The Pacific Northwest has such diverse areas of beauty that we are more than enamored by what it has to offer. I can easily see us transitioning there if the opportunity presents itself.


Mt Adams

Whenever we travel, photography becomes a huge part of the journey. Dan captures breathtaking scenes. I hunt for the obscure in hopes that it may find its way into my work. One of the true joys we experience on these photo safaris is finding those glimpses of life that may be missed if we just hurried along the trails.


This star fish was a pleasant surprise during one of our morning walks on the beach. A young man found it was still alive and returned it to the sea.


Seeing the gull tracks in the sand was interesting to me. Every morning the wind swept sand revealed a new set of tracks. I liked thinking about how they could symbolize our journeys.


An occasional encounter with a stray feather.


Most of the sand dollars did not weather their trip to shore well. However I did find even the damaged ones to have unique qualities. I did have the good fortune to discover a few, large and small, still intact during the early morning walks. Those have relocated to Colorado as guides for future works.


Me on the left with Linda Steider on the right.

I finally got to meet this wonderful, creative spirit in person. My friend, Linda Steider, who inspires on so many levels. We have known each other for a long time and stay in touch through Facebook and our respective blogs. She is a very talented glass artist and photographer. Linda graciously offered to spend a day with us & shared parts of her world she thought we would enjoy. We did and are so grateful for her generosity. I encourage you to check her blog and see all the wondrous things she captures in her photography. Thanks to Linda, we got to see Mt Adams, enjoy lunch along the Columbia river and even an ice cave where Dan captured this next photo.


Dan had to lay on his back to capture this view of the trees. I just love it; reminds me of what I try to do with my Treescapes series.


Sunset on our last night at Cannon Beach. Just spectacular. While we were at the ocean, we only turned the TV on once for a bit of morning news. The rest of the time, both of us were completely captivated by the sound of the waves, the gulls and the tranquility of being there.

Right now I feel like I am in percolator mode. My senses were overwhelmed at times and I did my best to drink it all in. How this will manifest in my work remains to be seen. I am ready.


Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.


Tower Falls
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

As you can tell by the images in this post, I am enamored with Tower Falls.  The Dendritic Opal stone in the Treescape pendant, captured my attention at this year’s Gem & Mineral Show in Denver.  The stone is fairly large and I have found that most woman are more comfortable wearing smaller art jewelry pieces.  When I bought this piece, I knew I would make something in my Treescape series to add to my personal collection.

The stone by itself was simply stunning.  It wasn’t until it was completed that I saw the representation of Tower Falls from Yellowstone National Park in it.  I thought it would be fun to share Dan’s photo from one of our trips to Yellowstone of this magnificent waterfall.

Tower Falls
Yellowstone National Park
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

We have visited Yellowstone National Park a number of times and I always look forward to going back. When Dan took this photo, he hiked up a bit to get just the right angle. It’s one of my favorite photographs and hangs in our home.

Tower Falls in Stained Glass by Kathleen Krucoff

This stained glass window is one of my original works base on Dan’s photograph.  It’s a little difficult to tell from this photo but I did add some 3D affects by floating parts of the aspen leaves over the base image.  As I look at this window, which I completed about 3 or 4 years ago, I can see a number of things I would do differently.  I had some really nice glass to help with the waterfall and pool area.  I guess it’s normal to think about how we would rework some of our older works.

I do wonder what it is about Tower Falls that keeps calling to me.  I love water, the sound, the feel, the tranquility and churn of it.  I’m certain one day I will understand why this waterfall keeps reappearing in my life and work.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Kathleen Krucoff

Artist and Metalsmith

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