Why I Do What I do.

I love experiments and the results they produce. These are my first Chasing & Repoussé works in the Japanese alloy, Shakudo. The alloy is comprised of a copper – gold mix that produces a rich, warm look.

Every time I try something new, I grow. That’s essential and vital to who I am.

What Is “Why Do you Do What You Do?” All About?

It started  with a kid doing a school assignment: To interview someone from a community service agency. He looked in the Yellow Pages, dialed a number, and asked the person on the other end ” Why do you do what you do?”… and the receiver felt compelled to answer…. and it grew into this beautiful, interesting, amazing movement.  Read the full story here.

Now let’s see what my fellow bloggers had to share on this topic.

Aspiring to be more as an artist and a person.