Last week, I saw this quote with the associated image and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I absolutely have to be creative.  I have done something art-like all my life, from childhood with coloring books and dressing up paper dolls, to a young adult learning about sewing and knitting.  As the years have gone by, I have tried my hand at tole painting, stained and fused glass work.  Now, I find great pleasure exploring the many avenues of metalwork that go into the creation of my art jewelry.

I absolutely know I am at my happiest when I’m creating.  I work full time in the corporate world, managing to make time for my art during any spare cycles I find.  Last week, it became clear to me that I have been unconsciously finding ways to be creative and inject art into my work as a software developer too.

Being creative is an integral, vital part of who I am.

Why am I writing about this?  Because I continue to meet people who tell me they are not creative, including some dear friends, and it hurts to think they are denying their artistic side.  It is my firm belief that every one of us possesses some creative talent.  As children it is easy to engage with the artistic spirit within.  We seem to be so free to let our imaginations run wild.  As we grow, it seems like exterior forces start to subdue those moments of freedom.

I was fortunate, my mother encouraged my exploration and pursuit of being creative.  I do think that when someone calls art work a hobby, they don’t really mean to diminish its value….they more than likely are denying their own inner artist.

Break free of self-imposed restrictions.  Maybe you are not the next Rembrandt, Michelangelo or  Picasso.  But I know this, you have a talent or a knack for something.  It may be how you raise your children, care for your home, prepare meals, train for an event, interact with people….those are talents, gifts that are unique to you.  Embrace them.  Nourish them.  Watch them grow.

Challenge yourself to do one thing that puts you outside of your comfort zone.  When you do that, you may not succeed at first, but something wonderful will start to happen.  Enroll in that class to learn something you’ve always wanted to do.  Try something new.  Just do it.  The rewards can be unexpected and quite pleasant.

I’ve been trying some new things in the studio.  Some are successful, some are failures.  No matter what the end result, I’ve learned something.  It’s wonderful.

Dig deep if you have to in order to find your own creative spirit, embrace it wholeheartedly and nourish it.  Stand back and which it flourish.

Until next time, aspire to be more as a person and an artist.