Express Yourself
Photo by: Daniel Krucoff

Another pair of slightly unconventional Express Yourself earrings. I must admit that I struggled with having a 14kt Gold Filled spiral on one and horizontal lines on the other. My first attempt to push myself out of the “I must make symmetrical earrings” zone. What do you think? Should I push further with the asymmetrical or stay with the safe, status quo?

I do find these intriguing because of the slight difference and I would like to continue down that path exploring the more unconventional.

This pair is comprised of heavily oxidized sterling, bronze aspen leaves, garnets and pearls extended from Shibuichi Silver.  They are available at Santa Fe Trail Jewelry in Monument CO.

Please leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments.  I really do appreciate your insights.  Thanks!

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.