Winter’s Stillness
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Dendritic Opal. I have been drawn to these stones ever since my first gem show.  I brought home a few at that time and since then, they continue to call to me.  As you have seen, I have used them more and more in my latest works.  Of course, they have been the inspiration for my Treescape series.  The beauty and stark contrast of black and white has always appealed to me.

The delicate scene in this stone reminds me of an early winter morning.  The landscape has a fresh covering of snow.  A few birds are flying over this tranquil valley.  Some trees and bushes emerge as guardians for this serene setting.  Such a peaceful, calm winter morning.  I can imagine myself hiking through the snow, taking in the sights and sounds.  Everything is hushed, just the crunching of the snow underneath my boots and the melodies of a few song birds who have ventured out.  Refreshing ones’ spirit, mind and soul.

Winter’s Stillness is one of my latest Treescape works.  The colorful oxidation for the sterling silver setting is the result of a few attempts.  You know, it’s ok if you don’t like your first result, keep working with it until you get it right.  For this setting, I wanted something rich and colorful to provide a backdrop that would allow this stone to ‘pop’ when you see it.  There are some fiery rust elements with striking steal blue and purple accents.   I’ve preserved the finish with a light lacquer coating.

May you find the peace and serenity of this quiet winter morning in your life.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.