Dinosaur Bone Set in Sterling
All Photos by Daniel Krucoff

This past August, while I was doing Artfest at Santa Fe Trail Jewelry, the owner, Marylee, asked me if I would create some Treescape pieces for her, using stones she had.  I was flattered that she liked Treescapes so well to have me do the pattern with her dinosaur bones.

I had never envisioned dinosaur bones with my Treescape themes, but I thought why not?  I have already started using stones that don’t necessarily have ‘trees’ in them.   So as I worked on designs, I found Treescapes to be a nice compliment.  Several weeks later, I had designs for each stone and took them to Marylee for approval.  Initially, I wasn’t as happy with the first design I had for the piece pictured at the top.  Knowing Marylee’s artistic talents, I thought this was a case where the two of us needed to work together to achieve the look she wanted.

As a result, Marylee and I collaborated a bit on the piece pictured at the top.  She wanted the bail to be large and set as it is here so she could create a beadwork necklace for it.  As we talked about the piece, the image of one of the bails Lexi had created for one of her step by steps in Lapidary Journal came to mind.  This one is slightly different than the one Lexi made, but the underlying inspiration for the bail came from something Lexi created.  Marylee wanted three trees across the top and a shorter wire frame at the top.  These trees look like they are dancing to me.  I told her I could see part of the setting being flush against the stone, which you can see at the bottom of this finished piece.  I’m very happy with the end result and I’m happy to report Marylee was too.

This particular one has more of a sage and rust color to it.  It was an unusual shape, but keeping with my Treescape designs, it took on a nice Oriental feel.  Marylee liked this one the best of the three.  She love the oxidation I created on the metal to compliment the colors of this stone.  I used a matte lacquer to preserve the colorful patina.

Last, but certainly not least, another brilliant red dino bone in the shield shape I love.  This was the first time I had a three sided backplate.  The bottom point, where the wires crossed to form the frame caused me to hold my breath for a bit.  Happily, it all came together and I love this look.

Each one had their challenges in the fabrication process.  In part, I think, because I wanted them to be just right for Marylee.  I delivered them to her yesterday.  For me, I don’t think there is a greater joy as an artist than to see someone’s face light up with happiness and appreciation of the work.

We’ve also firmed up a date for my first trunk show at her gallery.  Save the date, Saturday, November 24th from 10 AM – 3 PM.  More details to come.  I plan on debuting some new works just in time for your holiday shopping.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.