Spring’s Blush
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

I suppose it seems a bit odd to write about one of my newest Treescape pieces with a title of Spring’s Blush, on this lovely fall afternoon in October.  Yet, the green of this stone is so fresh and delicate, it reminded me of spring.

After the Front Range Open Studios Tour, I had quite a few works in progress.  This was one of them.  Over the past number of weeks, I’ve been working to finish all of those progression pieces that I used for my demos during the tour.  I think I still have another 4 or 5 to complete.

The stone is American Variscite, cut by Ken Brittain of Rogue Gems.  I set this in Sterling Silver, which I have oxidized with Liver of Sulphur.  I find it fascinating that I can play with the oxidation process to achieve colors that compliment the stones I use.  I’ve also used a bit of Guilder’s Paste to accentuate the piercing that forms the tree.  I’ve sealed this with a matte lacquer to preserve the finish.

I decided not to frame the setting as I have in some of the Treescapes.  I just wanted to keep things very simple for this particular piece.

On this beautiful fall afternoon, as our aspens have started to turn rusty gold, I truly am enjoying one of my favorite seasons.  Yet I am reminded of the renewal that comes in the springtime.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.