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Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Just a sweet little Tiffany Stone. Small with lots of detail.  To me, it looks like an very unusual sunrise, distant mountains are just shadows and a few trees in the foreground.  It reminds me of Daybreak.

I really do love experimenting with oxidation of the sterling.  This one took on some lovely colors to compliment the stone.  I’ve used a light application of a matte lacquer to preserve the finish.

The piece is currently in residence at Santa Fe Trail Jewelry in Monument CO, awaiting its owner.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person


Well, I knew right away what I would write about for this month’s topic. One of my favorite things about summer is our annual weekend at Copper Mountain when Dan rides in the Copper Triangle cycling event.  I get to spend three relaxing days in the mountains with Dan.  While he heads off early on Saturday morning for the ride, I head to the pool to do laps (this year I got a mile in) and then wander Copper Village.  I spend some quiet time by one of the streams.  Listen to music, draw in my sketch book and take photos of wildflowers, people, and pets.  The weekend definitely feeds my soul, nourishes my spirit and revitalizes my energy.

Now I will let the rest of the pictures tell the story.

Dan is ready to go.

Dan heads out.  The other side of the sign says ‘START’, but in order to get this photo of him heading out I needed to set up on the other side.  It’s a better vantage point to get a picture of his face.

The actual finish line.

Things people do as they finish!

Gotta be careful when you take your hands off the handle bar after an 80 mile ride over mountain passes!

Dan finishes with a new personal best time!!!

One of the spots where I sit and find my Zen moments.

Playful pup.

Beautiful day.


After the finish.


Love this fire pit.

So there you have it.  Great location in the mountains; one of my favorite things about summer.

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Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person

Stillness At Dusk
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

I’m always seeing things in the stones I work with. This lovely heart is Morrisonite, cut by Gary B Wilson.  In this particular stone, I see mountain silhouettes that provide a backdrop for a pond in the foreground.  The time of day is dusk.  Everything is quiet and still.  Tranquility exists at the end of the day.  Calm and serene.  I can smell the fresh scent of the surrounding pines.  The perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of the day and anticipate what wonders the next day holds.

It’s one of my latest Treescapes that you can see at Santa Fe Trail Jewelry in Monument CO this Thursday, August 16 during Art Hop. I will be at Marylee’s delightful gallery, along with some of my new Treescapes, between 5PM and 8PM.  If you live close to Monument, please stop by and say hi.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Kathleen Krucoff

Artist and Metalsmith

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