Morning Light
Treescapes #10-012
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Lately I have added walking to my workout schedule.  Generally I do this early on a Sunday morning and my goal is to increase the frequency as time permits.  The joy of walking, for me, is everything is quiet and still, except for the occasional bird songs.  It’s a lovely time of day.  I listen to two tracks from Dr Wayne Dyer’s CD on mediation as I walk.  The experience becomes a bit of a surreal, other world happening.  It’s quite freeing.  I see things clearer, as if my vision is enhanced.  The sky, trees, landscape, well everything in my field of vision seems sharper.  Amplified.  Lovely.

This piece, Morning Light, symbolizes those calm, centering feelings I experience when I walk in the morning light.  The sensation is one I hold on to for as long as I can.

Another lovely variscite stone from Gary B Wilson.  Set in sterling silver that I have oxidized.  The tree shape in the metal mimics the shape I see in this stone.

May you find those moments that free you and bring you peace.  Namaste.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.