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Morning Light
Treescapes #10-012
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Lately I have added walking to my workout schedule.  Generally I do this early on a Sunday morning and my goal is to increase the frequency as time permits.  The joy of walking, for me, is everything is quiet and still, except for the occasional bird songs.  It’s a lovely time of day.  I listen to two tracks from Dr Wayne Dyer’s CD on mediation as I walk.  The experience becomes a bit of a surreal, other world happening.  It’s quite freeing.  I see things clearer, as if my vision is enhanced.  The sky, trees, landscape, well everything in my field of vision seems sharper.  Amplified.  Lovely.

This piece, Morning Light, symbolizes those calm, centering feelings I experience when I walk in the morning light.  The sensation is one I hold on to for as long as I can.

Another lovely variscite stone from Gary B Wilson.  Set in sterling silver that I have oxidized.  The tree shape in the metal mimics the shape I see in this stone.

May you find those moments that free you and bring you peace.  Namaste.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.


Still Standing ~ Treespcapes
Photography: Daniel Krucoff

There is a lot of symbolism in this piece for me.  Last week, the Waldo Canyon fire demanded the attention of most of us in the Colorado Springs area.  The worst fire in the history of the state of Colorado; 346 homes were completely destroyed, 3 lives extinguished.  Yet there were symbols of faith, courage, bravery and endurance by the fire fighters, the residents, the city, our employers, our children and many more.

Thankfully, Dan and I, along with our bassets are safe.  We live out on the plains of the Black Forest, north east of the city and a good 20+ miles from where the fire was.  It is 95% contained as I write this.  Dan & I know some that lost their homes, others who were displaced for a period of time.  Life interrupted and for some …. forever changed.  Some things survived like a special plaque that was part of a couple’s home.  They will use this plaque as the cornerstone for their next home when they rebuild.  All of us were affected by the fire in some form or fashion.

Through any storm
in any season
I will shelter you.

Last week, my heart wasn’t in the right place to write a blog post and talk about another piece in my Treescape series.   This week, it is important that I share this piece with you and I call it Still Standing.  A symbol of how people endure devastation and a tribute to the brave firefighters who did so much and continue to work tirelessly to fight and fully contain the fire.   From the beautiful sentiment, conveyed in the plaque pictured above, I am envisioning another piece.

Still Standing.  The stone is amethyst sage with dendrites forming that tree that is still standing amidst the ruin.  In the upper left hand corner, the yellow portion of this stone symbolizes the light that shines on that survivor.

While I made this piece over a month ago, it was this week that it called to me with its theme, what it represents.

A photographer captured the fire’s assault on the city over the first 5 days of its existence.  You can watch it here and when you see minutes 7 – 8, that’s when 65 mph winds drove it at a frenzied pace destroying so many homes.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Kathleen Krucoff

Artist and Metalsmith

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