The Haven
Treescapes ~ Series number 10-018
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Beautiful Variscite set in Sterling Silver.  Another addition to my Treescape series.  The stone is one I acquired from Gary B Wilson.  I find I am drawn to these rounded triangle shapes.  One of my goals, as I work with designs for my Treescape series, is to create a backdrop that accentuates the stone.  My preference is to create a setting that doesn’t replicate the stone shape.  It is important to leave sufficient space for the trees, so I have to make allowances to have that extra ‘canvas’.  In this case, the 3 tress seem to be dancing around this lovely stone.  I also like the Oriental look and feel that many of these have developed.   I believe all of that contributes to the further uniqueness in this series.

I called this one ‘The Haven‘,  because the green in this stone is so soft; it’s almost soothing to me.  The rest of the brown markings at the top reminded me a bit of a grove of trees with their lush leaves acting as a canopy.  It felt like a safe haven to me.

One more point of interest,  I liked this one so much that I used the image as the back of my new business cards.  I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival toward the end of this month.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person