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Always Remember
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Dendrites! Fascinating formations that have become the foundation for my Treescape series.

The stone in this piece is Dendrites in Limestone. Lovely tree like branches and shapes form these wonderful designs. I purchased this stone from Gary B Wilson. It seemed a natural for the Treescape series.

The setting is sterling silver, which I have oxidized.  Only one tree in the background of the setting; a bit of a representation of the prominent ‘tree’ formed by the dendrites.

Why did I call this Always Remember?  In part because I think about how these crystals formed, long ago, creating the branch like structures we see in the limestone.  Preserved.  I hope it will beckon to someone and they will reflect on its origins from time past.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.


June’s topic for the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank is: “What is your favorite quote?”

I have a number that inspire me, so I thought it would be fun to share my top 5.

Number 5:

It is not our abilities who show who we truly are ….. it is our choices” ~ Albertus Dumbeldore, Harry Potter – The Chamber of Secrets

I have always found some classic movie lines that resonate with me.  I don’t know how many times I have watched the Harry Potter movies.  On a day this past winter, as I was in my studio, I heard this line from the movie.  I mean I really ‘heard it’… the point where I hit rewind and wrote this in one of my journals.  I have found that when you are open and ready to receive a message  that you need to hear, you will.  This is one of those messages for me.

Number 4:

You will fail because you don’t have convictions” ~ Agent Phil Coulson, The Avengers

Once again, a classic movie line that resonated with me.  This year’s movie, The Avengers, had one of those movie moments as Agent Phil Coulson tells Loki why he will fail.  It was because he didn’t have convictions.  It just struck home, when one succeeds, one has the burning desire to do so because of their convictions.  At least that is how I see it.

Number 3:

You are a divine creation of God.  You are a spiritual being.  You don’t need anyone else to confirm that.” ~ Dr Wayne Dyer, The Shift

I am a huge fan of Dr Dyer.  He is one of those people that I can relate to and  I connect with his messages.  I do a lot of searching for why I am here and what work I need to accomplish while I am on Earth.  Listening to Dr Dyer has helped me in my search for  the meaning of my existence.

Number 2:

Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~ Albert Einstein

Wow.  From one of the geniuses!  Just think about all the things that are possible and will be possible because of the imagination.   This conveys so much hope to me.

And my Number 1 quote……drum roll…… wait for it…….

Number 1:

Well behaved women seldom make history.” ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

I’d like to think that all of us are continually growing as we journey through this life.  I feel fortunate that I have had that opportunity to learn from my mistakes and grow to become a better person.  I know I’m not done in that journey.  There was a time when I was held back and constrained, but I broke free of those chains and as I’ve told many people “The genie has left the bottle and she ain’t ever going back in there again“.  That’s me.  I feel I’ve gone through a lot to be where I am today and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

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Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Basset Hound Extraordinaire!
All basset photos taken by Daniel Krucoff

I would like to introduce the newest member of our pack and junior studio mascot, Quorra! She is a very special girl and entered our lives on May 24, 2012, thanks to our friend Marilee Epperson.

Let the Games Begin!
Quorra & Newton (left to right)

We met Quorra at the Timberline Basset Specialty the day after our Bueller had passed. I thought it would help ease the pain of his loss to see all those wonderful basset hounds and visit with our friends on Friday, April 13, 2012 (Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day for me).  That day, Marilee said she had two girls who might be a good fit for us. We thought it was too early consider another dog, but we met her briefly that day. There was something about her.

The early part of May, we went over to Marilee’s to have a real visit with Quorra. She warmed up to Dan & I within about 5 minutes. We could tell she was a very sweet and loving girl. We discussed bringing her into our home and made the decision a couple of days later. We knew we would have a long vacation the end of May and that would be the right time to bring her home.

We changed her name from Delilah to Quorra. Why Quorra? Well, Quorra was the name of the last Iso in the movie, Tron Legacy. Since Dan & I are HUGE geeks, it seemed fitting.

Quorra, The last Iso in Tron Legacy

The deciding factor for the name ‘Quorra’ is that it is also Italian for ‘heart’. A bit of a tribute to our Bueller boy.

The Studio Crew
From left to right, Nocturne, Newton & Quorra

I’ve been reading a lot about how when something is right for you, it all comes together quickly and easily. I can tell you Quorra is right for us and everything easily fell into place once we made the decision to bring Quorra into our family. She is intelligent and very inquisitive. She has learned so much so fast in the past 3 plus weeks.  She was accepted by Nocturne & Newton immediately.  The pack has bonded with a new member.   She’s about 1 1/2 years old, so still a bit of an adolescent, which is perfect.

Both Dan & I see glimpses of Bueller’s personality in her, which make us think she has his seal of approval. A delightful girl and one of the most loving dogs we have had. We will forever be in Marilee’s debt for bringing this Basset Hound Extraordinaire into our lives.

Since today is one of those family days, with it being Father’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to share the news of Quorra with all of you. I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting her and I can assure you there will be more stories about our studio mascots in future blog posts.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Time Stands Still
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Returning to the Dendritic Opal stone family with this piece.  Dendritic Opals were the original inspiration for this series. A family of tree shapes take up residence around this lovely stone. This time I added a small silver accent in the upper left corner as a representation of the sun or moon, depending on one’s mood.

Set in sterling silver that I’ve oxidized with a liver of sulphur application.

The dendrites formed a solitary tree a bit off-center in this stone.  As I looked at the finished piece, it spoke to me about a moment captured in time.  The kind of thing that happens every time we take a photograph.  That instance is preserved on film or digitally; a second of frozen time.  As I thought about this, Time Stands Still seemed to be an appropriate title for the piece.

I like the small stone in this setting as I think it conveys a sense of delicacy, making this a very feminine piece.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

The Haven
Treescapes ~ Series number 10-018
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Beautiful Variscite set in Sterling Silver.  Another addition to my Treescape series.  The stone is one I acquired from Gary B Wilson.  I find I am drawn to these rounded triangle shapes.  One of my goals, as I work with designs for my Treescape series, is to create a backdrop that accentuates the stone.  My preference is to create a setting that doesn’t replicate the stone shape.  It is important to leave sufficient space for the trees, so I have to make allowances to have that extra ‘canvas’.  In this case, the 3 tress seem to be dancing around this lovely stone.  I also like the Oriental look and feel that many of these have developed.   I believe all of that contributes to the further uniqueness in this series.

I called this one ‘The Haven‘,  because the green in this stone is so soft; it’s almost soothing to me.  The rest of the brown markings at the top reminded me a bit of a grove of trees with their lush leaves acting as a canopy.  It felt like a safe haven to me.

One more point of interest,  I liked this one so much that I used the image as the back of my new business cards.  I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival toward the end of this month.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person

Dignity and Strength
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Trees hold a very special meaning for me. In a sense, they remind me of my father. With the landscape work he did in his lifetime, me tagging along and watching him work, well, it is only natural I think that I respect trees and what they add to the landscape that surrounds us.

This week, I have spent a great deal of time working on my Treescapes series. I am fascinated by the evolution of the work. They have taken directions I never imagined until I started to go more free form with them. The process is one of continual discovery for me. Over the next few weeks and even months, I will be unveiling more of these pieces.

I consider this one a real statement piece. Picasso Stone set in sterling silver with liver of sulpher oxidation. A 3mm orange garnet is set as an accent at the top. The outline of the tree on the right was one of my first departures with a tall, somewhat detailed tree. The Picasso Stone almost replicates the root system I imagine a large tree would have. The outline of the tree is supported by a copper overlay, because with that detail, the tree would have been unstable and may not have withstood being worn.

There’s so much symbology with trees.  This piece reminds me of the dignity and strength trees convey to me.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.

Kathleen Krucoff

Artist and Metalsmith

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