A Day at the Beach

Be Joyful
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

Isn’t this stone beautiful? It is an Ocean Picture Jasper that I purchased from Gary B Wilson last year. The colors are not part of my normal color palette, yet it was very hard for me to resist. Part of what drew me to this stone was the beautiful landscape I saw in the stone; softly muted….yet, the closer I looked at it, I saw high, fluffy white clouds, a distant mountain range with a calm lake and sandy shore line. A very serene and tranquil setting.

Set in sterling silver, I kept the design very simple to showcase the stone. The outline of the mountains is replicated at the top of the setting. To add to the depth of the mountain outline, I have a copper overlay on the back of the piece. I couldn’t have asked for a better patina result as it became a deep purple, navy blue…perfect for giving the impression of a sky. To preserve the patina, this time I applied a light matte lacquer (prior to setting the stone), rather than using Renaissance Wax.

This pendant is another one in my series of experiments. I am finding such joy in trying a tweak here and there, gently nudging myself in another direction that I may just put all of these in a series called Be Joyful. Yes, I know, a series should have like elements and show a particular pattern. But why not be different and go on the emotion they generate? I’ve never been one who colored inside the lines, so why stick with the traditional thoughts about a series?  Just my take on the series subject.

I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful day and finding ways to experiment and explore your creativity!

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.