The Grand Tetons at Snake River
Photo by Daniel Krucoff

March’s topic for the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank covers the topic of what photo or image inspires you?

Being at The Grand Tetons has always served as a place were I can meditate, reflect and just find tranquility.  There are so many awe inspiring vistas there that is is hard to pick just one.  Yet, this view of the Grand Tetons, is my favorite.

Dan took this photo during our last visit there in October of 2008.  Hard to believe it’s been that long since we’ve been back.  As is my custom, I will sketch, take my own photos or just relax as he’s setting up to take his landscape photographs.  On this particular day, the temperature was perfect, the sun felt great and I just gazed at his subject matter.  Those rugged shapes that form that beautiful set of mountains.  I was completely relaxed soaking in that breathtaking view.  You know when you have that feeling that there are a pair of eyes watching you?  Well, as I turned to look in Dan’s direction, he snapped this photo of me.

It was a wonderful day and trip.  Probably the best fall colors we’ve seen there too.

I’ve been so inspired by The Tetons that I created this stained glass window that hangs in our home.  I’m thinking it’s time to create some more stained glass windows!!!

The Grand Tetons in Stained Glass by Kathleen Krucoff

For me, it’s a very special and inspirational place.  I hope that Dan & I will travel to The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone again in the near future.  It holds unlimited inspirations for me.

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