Because of the darkness
we are able to perceive light.
~ Toni Carmine Salerno

During my recent stint with artist’s block, I had never felt so fully immersed in a state of darkness.  I hope no one goes through that, yet sadly I know many artists do and all of us who create art will go through it again and again.  This one pushed me to a place that I never thought existed.  However, out of that darkness, came light.  This quote is one that Lexi shared with me.

New designs started to enter my mind’s eye at the strangest time and place.  I was in my optometrist’s office, waiting for my eyes to finish dilating!  It had felt like an eternity since I had experienced that flow of creative energy and I recognized it, so I grabbed my purse and searched for my sketch book.  I have learned to always carry a sketch book with me because you never know when something will strike you.

So now I’m sitting in the exam chair, drawing out these new designs, without glasses, eyes dilating and I don’t really care how they look, I just want a rough idea of what I was ‘seeing‘.  I captured that.  I took some notes covering the thoughts about this series and figured I could decode what I wrote no matter how bad the handwriting.  Ironic that all of this occurred in my optometrist’s office!

I put my sketch book back in my purse, sat back in the chair, closed my eyes and relaxed.  I knew I was back in the world lit with creative light and energy.  I smiled, a grateful smile, thankful that the darkness had finally lifted.  The muse was no longer eluding me.

One of the really wonderful things about the new series I’m working on is I finally understand what Lexi has been telling me about “The Metal is Enough“.  Don’t be concerned about putting stones in your pieces, just let the metal be enough.  It is a wonderful revelation.

Currently, this new line is focused more on the blending of copper and silver.  I anticipate that I will be incorporating some stones too, but I have not…..   yet.

While I know the artist’s block will visit me from time to time, I am grateful to have put it behind me again as I work on new things.  For those of you going through that darkness, trust and know you too will find the light you seek.

Remember, you never know when or where your next design idea will strike.

Oh, and if you would like to see these new works, well, you’ll have to visit me at the upcoming shows in September & October.  More details to follow.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.