Wubbers Bail Making Pliers

Pictured are my medium and large Wubbers Bail Making Pliers.  I purchased these when I was wire wrapping my glass cabochons.  They also have a smaller sized one, but I felt it was too small for the bails I would want for my work.

I liked a number of things about them and still do.  They provide a way to consistently shape a bail.  The handles are slightly cushioned so they are very comfortable.  I discovered them when I was reading a wire wrapping magazine and caught Wubbers ad.  They looked perfect for the job of making bails and I can confirm that they are.

I purchased these from FDJ Tools on Time.  Of course, my favorite resource for finding things on the web is Google, so feel free to do a search and you will find that there are a number of distributors for this line of pliers.

Now that I don’t work with wire as much, I find that I still use these for shaping some of my metal bails.  As long as your metal is properly annealed, I find they are a great asset for bending and shaping the metal into bails.  The different diameters work great to create a bail that is just the right size for the chain I like to use for my necklaces.

Since I have used these for a number of years, I find they are durable and a good value.  Of course, they have a very specific purpose, they are not a tool I use everyday so they don’t get regular wear and tear…more like gentle wear and tear.

Wubbers has a nice product line and I have found their website easy to navigate.  Although these are my only set from Wubbers, given my experience with these, I would definitely consider purchasing some of their other products when the need arises.

If you are in the market for a nice set of pliers to create bails for your pieces, give these a try…I think you will like them.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.