Photo Credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

One of my latest. Right now I don’t have a title for this piece. I view it as a test run.

What do you do when you want to take your work in a new direction?  I read, listen to music, watch movies, take walks, swim….just about anything to clear my mind and get back to feeling centered.  Right now, I have this feeling like I did right before Arts & Crafts Impressions started to take form.  I experimented, tried a few prototypes, and learned from the things that just didn’t work.

I’m in that place of growth now.  Moving away from the comfort and safety of the tried and true.

This past week, Lexi wrote an post on her blog about “Is it Art or is it Craft?”  We’ve discussed this topic a lot.  I want to take my work in the direction of Art and not just Craft.  I feel like I have a long way to go and I like the challenge.  Time to step outside of the comfort zone.

I worked on a number of things with this piece.  Goal One was to not create a design based on the stone; especially don’t follow the shape of the stone.  I think hearts can be formidable design challenges because the tendency is to mimic the shape.  I did not want to do that.  The shape that surrounds this Sonoran Sunrise heart is an outline of one of the violets from our backyard.  I took lots of photos of these and I like the delicate ruffled edges of these bright, vibrant little flowers.  That’s where I started; the outline of a single flower.  I did debate whether or not to incorporate the lines of the petals and decided I would just keep this simple and abstract.  Then I just started to draw shapes that I thought would work as a back drop for the flower.  I didn’t want something symmetrical.  Eventually I came up with this rounded rectangle in silver, overlaid the copper floral piece and set the heart bezel to hold the stone.  I added a tube set at the bottom of a faceted black onyx.  As this progressed if felt like something was missing, so I added the 3 silver balls in different sizes.  The bail is textured.  When it came to the heart’s position on the piece, I thought setting it at this angle would add interest rather than just doing it the ‘normal’ way.  I liked the look of the skewed heart.

Right now I’m not sure where this is taking me, but I enjoyed spending the weekend in the studio working on this and another Mountainesque piece too.  I felt like I was getting back into the rhythm.  It felt good.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.