Soul Searching Series
Photo Credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

With this piece, I am revisiting my Soul Searching Series. It has been a while. In my quest to find other ways to fabricate my work, I envisioned a slightly different way of bringing two elements together. I think part of this came from my previous wire wrapping experience. When I wire wrapped cabochons, I never really set out with a pattern in mind. It was an adventure to see where the wire would take me and how the cabochon would signal the wire’s path.

Originally, I set out to create my first hinged pendant with this one.  As happens with some of those first efforts, one learns but doesn’t always succeed.  I wanted to salvage the components I had already completed and re-worked things which led to this design.  I think this is part of the reason I’m known as ‘da fixer‘ in my metalsmithing circle of friends.

I realize it may be a bit difficult to see in the photo, but I’ll try to describe the connection variation I used.  I forged a bit of wire, wrapped it to form a multi-circle loop that allowed the bottom connector to pass through.  With my Arts & Crafts Impressions, I started incorporating some copper elements.  It seemed like this piece was a likely candidate for a few copper elements to enhance that pale peach/pink section of the top stone.  The top copper accent on the bail is intended to carry the ‘scene’ from the top stone.  The copper circle place on the connection was a just because I liked the idea.

The stones are India Jasper (top) and Chrysoprase (bottom) which I purchased from Gary B Wilson in April this year.  I go through this process when I’m getting ready to work on something new; look at the stones, touch them, see what calls out. The pairing of these two just clicked.  This was the first time I added pale greens to my palette and I was drawn to a number of these when Gary was in Denver.  Set in sterling silver with the aforementioned copper accents.  Textured some of the metal components and oxidized with liver of sulfur.

It’s a small change in direction, which I plan to continue to explore.  I’m quite fond of my Soul Searching Series and from time to time there will be those new works that are destined to become part of that series.  Just as I feel that I am destined to “develop things according to plan”.

Well, I guess I’ve dropped enough hints about the title of this piece….it is Destined.  For me, it represents a promise of things to come, things that are destined to happen with my work.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.