The Micro-Mesh Color Coded Sanding Sticks

I would be lost without Google.  How did we ever live and find things quickly before the Internet and Search Engines?  One day I was searching for ‘something‘, I can’t remember what, and I stumbled across a review of these Micro-Mesh Sanding Sticks.  The review was from a jeweler and she found these invaluable for finishing work.  They were only $10.99 and I could order them online.  Why not?

The only place I have found them is at Woodcraft (both online and in the local store).  As luck would have it, there is a store close by in Colorado Springs.  I know there is one in the Denver area.  If you check their website, they have a listing of all of their stores.  Maybe there is a store close to you?  If not, their website is easy to navigate and you just may find a few more tools that appeal to you!

I believe the original intent for these sanding sticks was related to wood working, however, they work very well for sanding the edges of jewelry, giving them a quality finish.  You can see I use some more than others, it just depends what effect or finish I need.

During one of my lessons with Lexi, she introduced me to Emory boards, yep the ones us gals use for filing our fingernails, as a way to finish jewelry.  The only problem was, Emory boards do not come in a wide variety of grits.  When I started using the Micro-Mesh Sanding Sticks, I knew Lexi would like them too and a set managed to find its way into her Christmas stocking.

I like the color code chart that comes with these and I have one hanging on my peg board above my bench as a reference.

In the past month, I discovered that Woodcraft also carries these Micro-Mesh sanding systems in mini-pads and hand pads.

I am fairly certain that all of these are very popular because the store usually has one or two packages and is waiting for the next shipment to arrive.  The folks at our local store are really helpful and I can call ahead to check on the inventory.  If they are low or out of stock, they will order more and set them aside for me.

I have found these larger hand pads work very well for sanding a back plate before I set a bezel.  The variety of grits allow me to work my way to the finish I want.  It’s very soothing to go through the various stages of hand finishing the metal to prepare it for the next step in the process of building a piece….sort of like finding my Zen moment.  Aaaaahhhh.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s installment of Talkin’ Tools.  Maybe a set of these will work their way into your tool kits?  I think you will enjoy them.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.