Incan Dawn
Timeless Series
Photo Credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

Right now I am definitely captivated by using a tongue shaped stone with a top accent stone. For this piece, both are in the same stone family, Sonoran Sunrise. When I saw these stones a few weeks ago at the Denver Gem and Mineral Show, I knew they belonged together. As I worked on the design, I kept seeing a ceremonial Incan headdress in the top piece with the sun’s reflection. I couldn’t visualize anything else as I looked at the completed piece, so its title is Incan Dawn.

This is one of the last pieces I completed in preparation for the Jewelry at the Gardens Show this coming weekend.

Tonight I packed my display materials and everything is ready to be loaded in the car. It’s nice to have things in this state a day early so tomorrow evening won’t feel so hectic. I set up with the other artists on Friday evening. Doors open at 9 AM on Saturday morning at the Botanic Gardens in Denver and I think the weather will be cooperative this weekend too. If you are in the area, I hope to see you there.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.