Links to the Past
Timeless Series
Photo Credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

Some of you may remember my post on Defining Moment. It was the first bracelet I made and it was quite the challenge. Initially, I must admit that I wondered if I would make another bracelet. Yet, it was one of those things I felt I could do and do well, so I was up for trying it again.

Links to the Past is the first of three bracelets I made in August. I wanted to have at least three for the Jewelry at the Gardens Show. This one, along with the other two, were not as difficult as Defining Moment. Isn’t that usually the way things work? Of course, Defining Moment had a HUGE learning curve for me and now I wear it every day.  It’s all good.

The stones in this piece are a combination of Petrified Palm Wood, Casessite Jasper, Amonite, Brunean Jasper & Picasso Stone. All stones from the past…events in nature that allowed them to take their form and unique beauty. Linked together in this bracelet, it seem fitting to call this one Links to the Past.

It will be available at the Jewelry at the Gardens Show this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.