I must confess, my life has been very busy since the beginning of 2010 and I consider that a good thing. I was selected to be one of two artists that will be featured at Boulder Arts & Crafts, in Boulder Colorado during the month of August. This will be a great opportunity to show my latest glass works. It has been a challenging experience and I have created several new series as I worked on completing the pieces for this exhibit.  You can read more about those on my other blog, Refelections of a Glass Artist.

Recently I have been approached to do some graphic design work. This weekend, I completed several designs for postcards and even a poster! I am very pleased to have the chance to do this type of work and I hope as people see these, they will consider me for their design needs.

I was also hired to design a new website for a vacation rental home in La Paz, Mexico. And recently updated a website for an existing client.

All of this has been great and as you can imagine, I’ve been super busy. But I have missed sitting at my bench and working with metal. I did manage to do some metalwork during this busy period, but I couldn’t really focus on it as much as I wanted. Well, today I wrapped up a number of things (I still have a few more on my schedule) and I was able to get back to my bench. Yay!

In October, the Colorado Metalsmithing Association will have their first ever show, Jewelry at the Gardens (the Botanic Gardens in Denver). I will be one of the 28 artists represented that weekend at the show and sale. It’s been important to continue to work on designs, which I have, so I thought it would be fun to share a couple of things in their design and early construction phase.

I think this one will be called Harmony. At the end of May I was working on glass in the studio and needed a break. I looked at some of the new stones I had purchased from Gary B Wilson at the end of April and started to place stones together. This was one of the groupings and they seemed to combine in perfect harmony for me. I’ve started work on the components that will make up this piece and hopefully I’ll have one of Dan’s photos of the finished pendant to share in the near future.

This was a design I came up with last night as I was trying to relax. I want to incorporate some of the reticulated silver into my pieces after the Harold O’Connor workshop. I like the way these look together. The stone is Petrified Palm Wood, another Gary B Wilson purchase. My plan is to cut a circle from the section of the reticulated silver and I may dome it a bit and then place it on a sterling back. I’m not completely sure about this one yet, but I like the initial concept.

So I am back at my bench and looking forward to the results. Hope you enjoyed a couple of the previews.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.