The Journey Begins
Soul Searching Series
Photo credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

At one point, I thought my Soul Searching Series was drawing to an end….yet as I continue to develop new art jewelry designs, I find that there will always be pieces that belong in that series. These earrings definitely belong. Another beautiful Jasper set from Gary B Wilson. I’m convinced that Jasper stones will remain at the top of my favorite stones list. As with so many jaspers, I can see a scene…as if it is somewhere I’ve been or would like to visit. This one reminds me of embarking on a new path, a new direction if you will. So I give you The Journey Begins.

These are the largest earrings I have made to date.  The nice thing is that they are not that heavy, although I did use sterling silver posts, rather than french hooks, to provide additional support when these are worn.  The stones are set in sterling silver and I have textured the settings.  24kt Keum Boo accents were added to the top portion as complimentary accents to the images in the stones.

Why call these The Journey Begins?  Don’t you look forward to the excitement of a new adventure? What awaits as we travel the path? Change is a natural part of life, as is growth I believe. Without those elements, doesn’t life become a bit boring? I embrace change. I look forward to it.  Currently I feel like I am embarking on a new life journey, artistically that is, and so The Journey Begins for me.  What wonders will happen along the way? May they be joyous.

Care to share your thoughts and experiences about your life journeys?  Please feel free to do so, I’d enjoy hearing what you have encountered.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person, I am.