Tranquil Moments
Spirit Series
Photograph ~ Daniel Krucoff
Available ~ $165.00 + shipping

Another series, this one is simply called Spirit. My intent with this series is to capture the essence of ones’ spirit in a given moment. Once a piece is completed, if I haven’t felt the title during its creation, I look at it waiting to hear what it represents. These earrings were one of those works that waited until they were complete. I knew they symbolized Tranquil Moments, because I experienced a calming effect as I looked at them.  They are the first in this Spirit Series.

The stones are a combination of Amethyst Sage and Amethyst.  Purple on purple, what could be better?  Set in Sterling Silver, the metal has been oxidized creating a bit of a gold colored hue in the process.  I think the color showcases the purples well.  The Amethyst Sage stones had a bit of tan/gold toward the bottom of them too.  The posts are sterling silver with sterling ear backs.

This time I didn’t feel compelled to texture the metal; I just wanted a clean and simple line to compliment the simplicity of the stones.  The shape is somewhat similar to Binary Sunshine from my last post.

I hope you like these, as there will be more to follow in my Spirit Series.

Until next time, Aspire to be more as an Artist and a Person.