Quiet Passage
Photo Credit ~ Daniel Krucoff

Royal Sahara Jasper, another stone that has some beautiful scenery.  For me this almost has the look of a sand dune type setting with a lone tree to the left, along with a couple of birds flying.  Warm colors in this stone are from the brown/beige family.  It’s a small piece, roughly an inch square.  Given the beauty of the stone I felt I just needed a nice, clean frame for the setting.  I did apply a light coat of liver of sulfur to oxidize the sterling.  The oxidation is very subtle.

Another stone purchased from Gary B Wilson.  I’ve heard first hand that he has some wonderful stones at the Tucson Show this month.  My source is Lexi, of course, and she is my eyes and ears at that show this year.  I’m hopeful I will be able to accompany her and the ‘posse’ next year to enjoy some of what that show has to offer.  For now, I will wait til Gary returns to Colorado at the end of April with more of his cabochons.  And I am looking forward to Lexi’s return, not only to catch up with her on a personal level, but to see all the lovelies she’s found this trip.  I hear Gollum saying something about “my Precious” about now.  🙂

Why did I call this piece Quiet Passage?  The scene I envision in this stone has a very tranquil effect on me.  It looks like there is a path to be followed and that passage will be quiet, peaceful.  May all of your life passages be peaceful ones.  I have this sense that I may be nearing the end of the pieces in my Soul Searching series with this one and another one or two that remain to be finished.

Dan’s photographic work continues to amaze me.  He’s captured the simplicity of this piece and shown it to be very elegant.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.


Addendum: This pendant just sold to a fellow artist.  Thank you Tami.  It heads to its new home tomorrow.