New Horizon ~ Soul Searching Series
Photo Credit — Daniel Krucoff

Another beautiful stone from Gary B Wilson.  This is the ‘sister’ stone to Ready to Bloom.  It is Ruby in Zoisite and the deep magenta color has a rich sage green compliment.  Again I can see a vista in this stone.  I’ve looked at this one a long time.  The roundness of the magenta color reminds me of a planet and the space surrounding this imaginary planet has deep sage green hues to it.  Who knows, maybe there is a place like this somewhere in the vast universe?  I’d like to think so.  I guess I’ve been one of those enchanted by the movie Avatar and the gorgeous scenes of the imaginary world Pandora.  Perhaps that has added to what I see in this piece.  So I view this as a statement about the what waits beyond the horizon.  It’s a new year, a new decade, and there are new horizons for all of us.  These are my thoughts on how I arrived at the name for this piece, New Horizon.

The setting is Sterling Silver that has been textured and oxidized.  This time I added an overlay in the upper right that reminds me of a little mountain.  It just seemed like that accent was needed as I worked on this one.

I asked Dan to photograph this one like he did Ready to Bloom with the water drops as part of the background.  I just love that watery effect.

It’s a special weekend for me and perhaps that is why I’ve been rather reflective about this piece.  My birthday is tomorrow, Dan & I will celebrate by going to see Avatar again and then enjoy dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Pappadeaux.  I want to see Avatar again in the theaters.  I felt totally immersed in the planet via the special effects and seeing the movie at an IMAX in 3D.  Whatever your thoughts about the movie, its story, etc., for me the artwork and the ability to create those graphics just left me spellbound.  I’m certain it appealed to the geek and artist in me and  I suspect it will influence my future work.

May you enjoy new horizons this year in your life.  Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.