I enjoy the simplicity of these earrings.  They are Sterling Silver that has been textured, using a platen that has the design you see.

Initially, these were round discs, about 5/8″ in diameter.  I placed them on the textured platen and then rolled them through my trusty Pepe Rolling Mill.  The compression that takes place as the metal discs are rolled through the two rollers of the mill, with that texture plate, creates the effect that you see here.  And that compression/imprinting process on the metal by the rolling mill, actually elongates the discs and they became more oval in shape.

As part of my finishing work, I filed the edges so they are nice and smooth.  A patina was added to darken and enhance the depths of the texture.  The ear wires are also made of sterling silver.  I had such fun with these that I know I will be making more and trying different patinas to see what colors I can create.  Who knows, I may even make a pair without any patina to let the sterling silver shine.

I call these “Pathways” as they remind me of little flagstone paths.

Here’s wishing all of you a wonderful week of creativity.  Remember, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.