This is the first pendant I have completed since the Denver Gem and Mineral Show.  The stone is an Amethyst Agate that was cut by Gary B. Wilson. The image that I see in this beautiful stone is a powerful ray of light descending to the ground as a “Revelation”.  It truly captivated me as I was working on the design.

I carried the ray of light up into the back plate of this setting, using a section of half round sterling silver wire.  I worked with the wire forming it to match the shape coming from the stone.  I added some points of texture to replicate some of the specks within what I viewed as the ‘sky’.  The horizon line was carried to both sides of the setting and I used another texture to extend the ground into the background plate.  One of my goals with this piece was to extend the elements in the stone out to the exterior frame of the metal.

The stone is set in Sterling Silver.  I added a patina to compliment the purple hues in this stone.


The Original Design

I thought it would be fun to share how the original design looked on paper.  I knew where I wanted to go with this piece and the design came easily to me.  As I worked on building this piece, I was pleased with how well things took shape and I wanted to compliment the beauty of the stone with my metalwork.

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to show Lexi this new piece.  I was humbled by her kind words.  It’s wonderful to receive the positive reinforcement from your teacher, friend, and mentor.

Gary’s website has been redesigned and I hope you will take a moment to visit.

My compliments to my husband, Dan, for the great photograph he took of this completed piece.  I’m so happy he was able to capture the details.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.