First let me say that I by no means want to detract from the previous stones I have shown you in this series.  I am very happy with all of them and think they are quite lovely.  It’s just that after all I have seen, when I run across an artist who demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship, I feel compelled to make note of it.

I found exceptional stones from Gary B. Wilson. I will always be grateful to Lexi for introducing me to his work and the artist himself. Gary truly is gifted in how he crafts the various stones that he finds.  As Lexi says, he designs stones with the art jeweler in mind.  His wife, Kathy, is also an art jewelry designer. My impression is they make a great team.

Let me share a few of my exceptional finds from Gary.  It is my commitment to Gary and Lexi that the art jewelry I will create with these pieces will not only do justice to Gary’s talent as a stone cutter but honor Lexi as my teacher and mentor.

WilsonPicassoMarblePicasso Marble

I am intrigued by the patterns in Picasso Marble.  The shapes remind me of trees in the winter, bare without the adornment of leaves. I had the good fortune to find three sets for earrings.  I will definitely be keeping one of the earring sets.

WilsonDendritesOnLimestoneDendrites on Limestone

Given my love for nature, the little dendrites in these limestone pieces are some of my favorites. They have this wonderful delicate quality.

WilsonRubyInZoisiteRuby In Zoisite

How about these colors? Rich, vivid. I only have the two shown here. Of course, Gary had more. Since my goal was to have a good foundation of stone varieties, I felt it was important to keep with two stones in certain varieties. Now I will be the first to admit that was hard to do and I didn’t always follow that rule. Since I hadn’t worked much with some of these, I needed to see what designs I would create and decide if I would want to buy more later.  One of the great things is I can let Gary know if I want more of a certain variety and he will let me know what he has available.  Cool.

WilsonChineseWritingSToneHeartChinese Writing Stone

I have developed a serious weakness for Chinese Writing Stones.  The heart shape of this particular one was so unusual that I felt it would be wonderful to work with.  I found several others too, but had to share this wonderful cut.  See what I mean, Gary is a real artist!

WilsonCasessiteJasperCasessite Jasper

There is something about the diversity in Jasper.  There are all kinds and I was terribly attracted to many of them.  Of course, the design in the earring shapes is beyond spectacular.  I can see a tree with such a lovely landscape here.  Truly magnificent stones.  Now to do justice to them!

I hope I’ve been able to convey the real beauty of Gary’s work. He has a customer for life with me.  His work has been featured numerous times in Lapidary Journal in the completed works of Lexi and others.  It looks like Gary’s website is under construction, however, I will share that link with you in the future.

It’s time for me to get busy with designs….actually I already have. 🙂  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my new work in the near future.

Until next time, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.