I purchased several of these stones from Asterix, Ltd, of Russia.  Lexi told me these were very rare and they are so beautiful.  This is the largest of the group and it is about 1 1/4″ by 3/4″.  It has a very deep, rich burgundy color with a touch of gray and lovely sage green.

EudialyteEarringsThese are for earrings.  I was in the process of selecting a different set and the owner pointed these out to me stating they were just a touch nicer quality for the same price as the other set.  So nice of him.  I am definitely tempted to keep these for myself, especially since they are rare stones.  Plus I love the rich colors in this set.

I’ve done a little research on this stone since the show and have found this information about it.  Eudialyte is a fairly rare cyclosilicate mineral. It is a popular mineral in collections.  Much eudialyte on the market today comes from the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

Now I am on a mission to find a good reference book that can help me to identify stones.  There are lots out there; I’m just not sure which will be the best for my needs.  I know I’ll find several in my search.

May all of you have a wonderful week of creativity! Remember, aspire to be more as an artist and a person.