BenchAndBuddyThis is my Jewelers’ Bench and its “Little Buddy”, a sewing chest from my parents which I will use for storing small tools.  I have a lot of organizing to do now that these two are in their workspace.

Before I bought this bench,  I did a lot research on the web and asked Lexi for advice.  This bench is manufactured by Gorbet USA and is a nice simple, solid wood jeweler’s bench.  Dan was such a HUGE help in putting this together as I’ve been battling a bit of tennis elbow from some gardening I did the end of May.

I don’t need a large bench, although there are some pretty ones out there that I’m sure I would love to use.  However, this bench will serve my needs well as I work on creating metal pieces.  My torch and acetylene tank are set up and secured (by chains and bungee cords) in my glass studio, where I will do my soldering.  The two pieces of furniture remind me of ‘buddies‘ and the space has a really nice feel to it.  I know I will have to address the lighting in the work space a little more and fortunately I have some lights in my glass studio that I can migrate back and forth, depending on where I am working.

PartsPiecesBassetsOf course, in our house, no project is done without basset supervision.  We laid out the pieces of the bench in prepartion for its assembly.  Newton (on the left) and Nocturne took up residence and the supervisory role.  As soon as I put the rug down, they claimed it for Bassetdom and I’m certain they will keep me company as I work.